The feeling of loneliness and darkness arises,

As I feel trapped within my own mind.

I just want all the voices to shut up,

Why wont you leave me alone.

As I am craving the unconditional love. peace and joy,

I cannot seem to get a hold onto anything I wish for.

Please tell me why it must be this hard,

Please god can you hear me because no one else can.

I then hear the voice of the unknown saying very deeply,


Within an instant I feel I am inspired, I feel in spirit,

Within an instant I feel I am invincible.

I am in a world of the absolute,

I know deep within my purpose being here.

That I am here to remember,

I start to regain my selflove and I feel worthy to be here.

As I remember my true happiness is within,

Because everything on the outer world is only an illusion.

I remember, how it is all meant to be,

I had it wrong the whole time.

I remember that we are all one,

And that I need to give more love, peace and joy to others,

As what I give out

I shall receive.

Thank you for reminding me!

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