Let us give praise to those days in our life when we feel like crap so to speak. At the time when we feel like we are confused with everything around us we can feel as if we are invisible, no one can hear or see you. I say this because I go through these days at times and sometimes, I question why? Feeling like a hermit who wants to crawl underneath a shell and not associate with anyone, no it does not have to be this way but sometimes we need it to recharge.

We may need it to reset our mindset, we should not blame anyone for why we feel like this at times, its okay! Its totally us, our own doing. Become aware of how you are feeling, think about the changes how we are able to improve on things, only don’t think too many things, even if there is many things you have that are bothering you, take one step at a time, work on one thing at a time, don’t be hard on yourself for feeling like crap, its fine, it really is.

Let go of what just happened for you to feel a certain way, then stop, stay present, reconnect with your inner self again, it doesn’t matter where you are in your lifetime, it can happen anytime to us over nothing really. Organise catch ups with loved ones or friends, do something nice for yourself. Who cares what it is if you want it for yourself just go ahead! We have these moments to remind us who we are. Something good will always come from these crazy experiences.

Just learn to pay more attention to your inner self. Stop your crazy mind from raging with thoughts. Become present in the now moment and just breath. Do not do anything, it will come to you. I will tell you again praise these moments!

Much Love. xxx

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