To many people live their life journeys from the inside of themselves to looking at what is on the outside. On the outside world there is a lot going on. Work life, relationship life, family life, appointments, traffic. meetings, having the best of the materialistic things, people competing against one another, violence, racism, and people wanting more for them selves to try and chase that happy and joyful feeling.

What we all need to focus on is looking from the outside to inside of ourselves. There is no point in having everything which is on the outside world when you cannot be fulfilled with who you truly are on the inside, your inner self is the most important, figuring out who you really are , your pure essence of ones self. When you can find your inner self then no matter what you have on the outside world you will feel at joy and at peace.

Know that happiness come from within, there is no such thing as chasing it. Once you have experienced your pure consciousness you will no longer want things to fulfil you , you will learn to go with the flow of your life and be grateful for only life itself and you will understand that there are no problems in your world. Just remember its what's on the inside that matters most.

Much Love.xxx

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