Sit back and take a good look around us,

To witness the true and natural beauty.

The world that we all live upon,

The magnificence of creation.

How can we not give out gratification?

A big thank you to the great powers of our universal mind.

How is it that we are so silently gifted?

And yet many of us do not even know it.

We were all born with this invisible power,

Our great powers of visualization.

The energy forces in which comes from the exquisite universe,

Enables us to create, as all things are possible.

The powers surrounding our universe,

Are also the powers we have with in us.

Make that picture come into reality,

Visualize what it is you desire for yourself,

Say goodbye to fear and doubt,

To soon discover what life is all about.

You have the powers to make anything happen,

Our universal minds are mysterious but magical,

Be prepared to make your visualizations come true,

To be able to live the life that you deserve to.

Much Love. xxx

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