It's really kind of crazy because since being a young girl I always had a fear of not being able to breathe, until today I still feel at times a little claustrophobic when I’m in small spaces or being smothered a little too much, it may be something to do with my past life or it may be because when I was a child I would try to sleep under my covers from being afraid and blocking out all the dramas. Whatever it maybe it fascinates me how this simple breath is what is keeping us alive, this is absolutely amazing.

Wow our magical breath is what keeps us going 24/7 every day, but what amazes me even more is that when we can become aware of our own breath, we can discover our own enlightened state. Well, what do I mean by that, well, we basically live our lives through being on auto piolet throughout our lives and we may not realize it but we become conditioned to what we see and hear around us, so we continue growing and believing everything that we are surrounded by, we basically lose our true identity of who we truly are, we even forget about how we breath and don’t take much notice of that either because we automatically know that our body just breathes on it own. This explains so many times throughout my life and can still happen today at times how I would be going on with everything that I do then suddenly, I stop and take a deep breath and think to myself oh right this is what it feels like to breath, and yes it feels fantastic!

It was only through the practise of meditation which I enjoy implementing as part of my daily routine was when I discovered the magic of our breath which can help to keep our mind still, to help discover the identity of oneself. When we focus on our breath, we are being mindful with anything we do, this keeps us in the present moment, free from our monkey minds- the racing mind, and helps to keep us free to live our own life through more blissful events.

We need to appreciate our breath and become more aware of it in any situation we are in because this is the core of our life, you don’t need to sit down like a yogi to become aware of your breath you can practice your breathing anywhere and anytime and with any situation you will be amazed that when you focus on your breath you will let go of all thoughts or worries, it will help you to feel calm and feel at peace, even if you are about to get angry get back to your breath, deep silent breath in and out, do this several times and you will come back to yourself.

Our breathing patterns is more important than food, breathing is food to our cells, as each time we breathe in oxygen we are rejuvenating our cells, through the practise of deep silent breathing we can heal ourselves with anything. Practise daily a breathing technique which will help to keep your breathing patterns healthy, by starting with one deep breath, slow deep and silent inhale and exhale then work your way up by counting silently to 10, you can do this anywhere, even before falling asleep as this will help to ease your mind to relax.

Wake up each morning and be grateful for your breath and by learning to become more aware of your breath you will live your life mindfully, this is the way of living to appreciate and enjoy every moment for what it is. By becoming aware of your breathe you can discover your own enlightenment, your own awakening to live through your own journey!

Much love, xxx.

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