ONCE UPON A TIME there was a roller coaster...

You are going on a ride, the biggest roller coaster in the universe, you will soon experience life’s biggest journey, as you slowly go up, you look around where you are and 1000 thoughts come into your mind but you can’t get off so without knowing what’s coming next you close your eyes and before you know it you are quickly falling down. You are overwhelmed by this experience but at the same time you kind of like it so here it comes again, only this time you have an idea what you are going to experience again but wait as you are going down you suddenly turn the sharp bend and "whoa I didn't see that coming." So you are travelling along the tracks and you start to get the idea of what’s coming ahead and the more you keep going around and around and up and down you get to a point when you say okay I think I had enough and I am feeling queasy from the biggest roller coaster ride in the universe, but hey it was kind of fun. So, I say to myself do I go back on or do I take the flashing purple pathway right in front of my eyes. You know what I decide to get back onto the roller coaster ride and of course I experience the same thing over and over. So now it is time, I am ready to come off, I see two pathways, one flashing red and one flashing purple. I decide to take the red flashing pathway and as I walk, I experience all kinds of things but I feel as if I can handle it especially because I handled the biggest roller-coaster of all. But I was wrong I fell into a big hole in the ground and it was full of negative thoughts. I almost felt as if I was drowning and just when I thought I was about to take my last breath I see a purple flashing light above me and I see an imaginary rope, So I picture myself pulling myself up as this is my life I am fighting for. Before you know it with a blink of an eye I am walking along the purple spiritual path and in front of me I see gates and on the other side was beautiful green grass, colourful singing birds, shinning bright sun. It was the opening gates to enlightenment. Behind these gates this is where all the magic happens in life. Find that place.

Much Love. xxzx

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