Why would you let yourself to become involved with dramas when all it seems to do is to make you become stuck in that egoistic mind and not allowing yourself to be at peace and happy to live your life freely. Surely there are better things to do rather than get yourself involved with somebody else’s situations or your own, as some people strive to have dramas in their lives as they feel that if they did not have it, they would loose their identity as their ego runs their life.

It is totally your choice if you wish to be involved with other people’s drama, but just remember that whoever you seem to be listening to if they are hating on people or judging others, if you get yourself involved to give out your opinion, know that by hating and judging this only shows that by you reacting in this way, you are also being like that person. The best thing to do is simply don’t get involved and walk away or in a nice way just tell your family or friends that you really don’t want to hear about it. or you could always turn things around and ask them to look at the good in any situation or good qualities in that person.

Most dramas are self-created, or ego created, as ego is the unobserved mind that tries to take control of your life situation. When many egos get together things can get way out of control and cause many conflicts. Some people tend to create their own dramas in their lives even when there is no one around, by feeling sorry for themselves, when they are feeling guilty or anxious and even when they keep bringing up the past or even the future worrying about things that don’t even exists.

When you can become aware and stay consciousness in the present moment this will help to avoid any drama in your life. By learning to surrender to “what is” in any situation you will be able to deal with anything for how it is with out any drama. This is life, it is what it is, and you can figure it out either way without the need for any blaming, judging, shaming, feeling guilty, resenting, anger, and frustration. Forgiveness and being present in the moment right now are the key to end all dramas.

Much Love. xxx

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