Go ahead and make a vision board for yourself today or if you have kids let them make their own.

When you make your own vision board think of it as being very sacred and personal.

The reasons to make your own vision board is totally up to each person. But one thing for sure they do work!!!

They are so much fun to make and that is just it, when you are making your vision board feel the excitement when you are coming up with ideas.

The vision board can help you with focusing on what you really want to achieve for yourself.

Think about anything you want or how you want to feel and look for pictures and words from magazines and say for example you want a certain car. As you are cutting the picture out just imagine you already have it, day dream for a little while and see yourself sitting in the car and feel and touch the seats, see yourself washing your car, even smell the soap, visualize yourself driving the car and see other people looking at you in your car and you are smiling. The more emotions you feel the more real it will be. Then stick it on your vision board, this goes with anything else you want for yourself. Imagination and visualization work miracles. So, once you have everything you have placed on your vision board put it in a place where you can see it daily. You have already put it out there for manifestation now all you need to do is just pay it attention without asking for it over and over as this will only cause resistance to achieving what you want for yourself. Its more than just the law of attraction, you will see it when you believe it for yourself. Have faith and NEVER STOP DREAMING!!!

Much Love. xxx

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