1) Let go and forgive anyone you feel you are holding any resentment towards. Forgiving and letting go of your past experiences and excepting things that have happened, understanding that we all make mistakes, forgiving anyone around you, even big or small situations and forgive yourself. You will release a huge weight of your shoulders and you will become unstuck.

2)Say no more to being judgmental about anyone! We all try to get through our own lives to find our purpose, this gives us no reason at all to judge anyone for any situation, if you are not enjoying someone’s behaviour then simply do not be in a situation where you need to deal with it, by reacting in anyway about anyone you will be no better than the people you are judging.

3)Stop worrying about things! Its pointless and a waste of your energy, if it is not in your control then learn to except things for as they are. Deal with what it is. If you can do something about it then just make that change!

4)Tell yourself daily that fear does not exist, all fear means is false evidence appearing real. Say no to fear and you will be free.

5)Share love to others. Remember we are all connected! You know the feeling when you are receiving love! So, spread love around and it will come back to you. This does not mean you need to fall in love with each person you see, do a nice thing for someone, even a smile or a thank you.

6)We are all here to help serve others, help someone out or give something away to anyone, even if it is someone you have never met before. Make this a common thing for you to do, life is about giving and not always wanting, you will notice the way the universe flows, as you give you will receive.

7)Become grateful for everything in your life! Even the small things in life. Be grateful each morning when you awake. The next time you go to whinge about anything just think about your life here in this miracle world. This is enough to be most grateful for.

8)Learn to give yourself that self-love that you deserve, you know that you are worthy, and that you should take time for yourself to appreciate your precious self.

9)Do not be afraid to be alone and be in silence. Learn to quiet your mind and go within to connect with your true essence of who you really are.

10)Follow your own way in life, do not listen to anyone but your inner voice, do not be afraid of anything! Lean to have trust in the universe and walk with faith, you will always get though anything that comes your way! Patience will get you where you are destined to get to.

Much Love. xxx

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