Sometimes in life we almost get sucked into the black hole because we don't allow ourselves to stop and look around how magnificent our life being the universe is. We start taking things for granted, always doubting ourselves and blaming others, complaining about everything and finding reasons to cover up how we are feeling. So l have learnt that before that suction takes me down this is the time l stop to get back into my awareness with my life, l see it as a transition time so this is when l start to look at everything and be grateful for the astonishing universe and life on earth as it is and l see everything that is bad, into something good. I see things different. I have learnt to appreciate what's living above and below, from the little ant to the bright burning sun. The trees, birds animals, people, breathing , the tiny cells in the human body. I have learnt to love everything and from learning to be grateful everyday l am growing so much and really just apprecciate my life. From thinking these thoughts, ideas just flow through me daily so l feel excited about sharing my thoughts hoping you can feel the same way also.

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