I awaken in the early hours of the morning and I feel grateful to be waking up and starting a new day, I feel grateful while making my bed and for making my sleep comfortable. I love turning on my heater in the mornings to feel the warmth as I am getting ready for work. I am thankful for my fiancee Marc as he is always getting things ready before we leave and he always makes sure the car is nice and warm for our journey to work , he is the light and love of my life and he is amazing in many many ways. While we are driving to work I enjoy admiring the darkness outside and looking for stars and the shining moon and I feel amazed by the universe we all live in.The silence is precious as my mind becomes silent, this is the time ideas flow to me and I get to think about how life couldn't be any better as I am enjoying the moment we are in. I think about my kids every day and I feel so inspired by how they have all grown up to become so independent and loving, all in their own little ways but I cant say it enough how much I love and adore them. They are my everything although I have learnt to take a step back and just watch them travel along their journey which I am grateful and proud as their mum to see this, I feel very blessed. As we drive back home from work I love to look around and see the beautiful nature, watching the trees, the birds, the sunrise makes me feel happy to being able to see all of this around us. Our lovely home is always welcoming and comforting, a little cold but the sound of the fire burning and watching the flames is very blissful. This story is my story of appreciation and I would also like to thank every person who has been part of my life journey along the way, without any one of you and my family mentioned above I would not be here where I am today and I would not be the person I am today. I really do appreciate everyone in my life and everything in my life. Life itself, I appreciate you.

Much Love. xxx

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