Get your mind into a state of certainty and then go ahead and take action.

Stop holding off to try something different or to change things because of your story, build your courage to change the title of your story so then you can make your commitments and decisions.

Stay clear away from negative people or negative news, you want to condition your mind with positivity.

We are all motivated to do things only for some people your motivation is towards the wrong things so instead find your motives for what it is you want to do or want for yourself.

Take a moment to evaluate how your mindset was the day before and think about how you reacted to things that happened, think about all the emotions that you experienced and actions you had taken, try to learn from your own experiences.

Give yourself self talk everyday, tell yourself

you are worthy for achieving anything you want.

When you have a clear mindset, everything in life will just flow how it is meant to. And you will cope with any situation you come across a lot calmer as you will become a stronger person inside and out. Much

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