MY POINTERS TO HAPPINESS to get you through your day.

l fall asleep listening to my sleep guided meditation and awake early hours in the morning from 3 am. Thoughts and Ideas are flowing to me. Having a l am grateful list in my notes on my phone is great as l add and see the list getting longer l look back at some things l have been grateful for and makes me smile. Telling your partner you love them everyday, letting them know you appreciate everything they do. Listen to your kids when they talk and tell them you love them and will always be here to support them no matter what. Remember monkey see monkey do. Listen to your inspirational idol or your spiritual teacher. The more knowledge we learn about spirituality the more we grow. Writing in your diary daily things you want to do in the day and always writing down some positive words or quotes. Go for walks and appreciate the trees, plants, birds, bees, butterflies, the sea below and and blue skies with the sun shining above. It really is magical. Think about what you want for yourself, about your beliefs and values in life. Remember we were all born creators so it's up to us to take that path to success. Have no fear and do what you love to do. Keep that willpower going and take action. You have nothing to loose. The only thing is regret that you didn't give it a go. Whether you are smiling inside or out, you can feel the good energy meaning you are in alignment with your inner self and your life. Much love have a great weekend.

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