Personally, I am interested to practise Buddhism and for my own understanding my spiritual growth has led me to understand that Buddhism to me is not only seen as a religion, but I also see it as the most natural way of living. The way of life. The more knowledge I absorb the more everything about life makes complete sense. I respect that all cultures with different religions hold their own beliefs and values, it is therefore up to everyone to understand their own perceptions of the philosophy about life. I would like to interpret my knowledge about the teachings from the Buddha himself, “The Awakened one”. One of his teachings called, “The Four Noble Truths”!

If anyone is to understand the human heart more than anybody else it would be the buddha, as he understands the pain and suffering from his own experiences and become awakened through his many practises of meditation. He had become aware of his own awareness and he understood that suffering can affect the human heart, so he taught many how to let go of suffering to become awakened and surrender to live a life with happiness coming from within oneself.

The Four Noble Truths.

The first truth is accepting for oneself that there is always going to be suffering along one’s path. We will always have permanent dissatisfaction, suffering can come from birth, old age, illnesses, death and not getting what you want in life, also clinging onto things and separation of anyone or anything. Nothing last forever. Everything changes, even if something was pleasurable it does not last long so when it stops there is suffering.

The second truth is understanding about the origin of being dissatisfied, understanding within yourself where your own suffering has come from, becoming aware of the cravings for all desires you have, always looking for things to make yourself feel good and continuously looking out for distractions.

The third truth is the truth of cessation to suffering and being unsatisfied, there is an ending to all suffering, it is the prognosis stage when you become aware that you need to stop all cravings and desires. You realise for yourself you no longer wish to encounter pain for yourself. You want to free yourself from all of it.

The fourth truth is the eightfold path that will lead you to the way of cessation of suffering, imagine the eightfold path as a wheel that is basically running around in your life path, it has 8 spokes, these spokes are having the right views, right intentions, right actions, right speech, right efforts, right mindfulness, and the right concentration. With all of these equally working well together, you will allow yourself to flow through the river of your most magnificent life.

I now have an understanding that this is true reality, our task in life is to understand that if we do not come into realisation of oneself there will always be dissatisfaction and suffering, so it is up to our own choices to make these cravings and desires to disappear and realise that when we do this, we can become aware of the cessation of suffering and to do this we must practise the eight-fold path. The key is that the fourth truth will awaken you up to live your life full of fulfilment.

Much Love. xxx

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