What would we do without it? Well the honest truth in today’s society we actually need it! Everything revolves around money, we need money to feed our families, pay for our roof over our heads, schooling for our kids, to buy and keep our cars running, paying our bills, if we want to travel for holidays and much more. I use to say money isn’t everything, which it isn’t when it comes to family and health, but we really can’t say we don’t need it because we do!

Many people can think of money being evil but it depends in which way you are looking at things. Money could be evil when it comes to people being greedy, people competing with one another about who can have the best of the best things, or family conflicts, families arguing over who gets what over their loved ones will after they have passed.

We need to look at money as energy its everywhere, but as we know there are some people who have plenty of money and will hang on tight to it and wants to find more ways to get more money, and then there is the people who are poor and all they think about is trying to get money! The truth is these people are the unhappy people because this is all they think about.

We all need money and guess what there is an abundance of money to go around and this is the key for a happy and wealthy life, if you can live your life not worrying about money all the time it will consistently come to you, and sometimes in the most mysterious ways.

We should continue to live our lives as if we have everything we want already, by putting your thought and emotions together, and think off how you would feel if you had certain things in your life. We also need to keep the money flowing through out the whole world, this is how it will continuously be consistent for you, this is the key to living a happy and wealthy life, you get money and spend money, as money comes and money goes, there is plenty of it!

The worse thing you can do is hold onto money, just let it flow, we give, and we take. When we do get hold of a large sum of money we should do good things with it, buy the things in which fulfils your desires, buy nice things for family and friends around you, Give money to charity or give money to the homeless.

Try this for yourself, give some money away to someone or buy someone something and you will see how the universe will give you something back in return. Make this become apart of who you are. So now we can look at money as a beautiful thing because when we receive it we will always be grateful and we will always do something great with it.

Much Love. xxx

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