Why not wake up on a Monday morning and feel terrific rather than waking up and telling yourself, “oh great its Monday,” while dragging yourself out of bed. There have been studies stating that majority of people from all around the world die on a Monday morning around 9:00 am. This reason being they have interfered with their emotions and put themselves into a low and slow state of energy frequencies simply because they dread waking and going to work. This of course creates fear for the body then creates illnesses and health issues and they simply do not want that Monday morning to come around. True story!

So instead wake up on a Monday morning and say “YES”! “It’s going to be a Mysterious Magical Monday.”

As soon as you awake just lie there for a few minutes and be aware of your breathing and be grateful. Be aware of your heart beating and be grateful. Be aware of all your functioning organs and be grateful. Then swing yourself of the bed and just be thankful. Say out loud “THANK YOU.” Just tell yourself that today is a great day. When you wake up with this forceful energy you will be amazed what the day will bring towards you. By learning to be grateful for everything you do and everything you see the universe will appreciate you for feeling this way and you will go through your day experiencing mysterious and magical things. Life is wonderful. Learn to love Mondays, in fact learn to love every day, because every day is a great day.

Much Love. xxx

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