I have started to read the book, “A Course of Miracles,” by Drs. Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford in which I highly recommend anyone to read. I would like to tell you a little bit about Miracles. One thing that we need to know is that it is in our own powers to experience our own miracles. To achieve miracles for yourself you need to observe your own mind and thoughts and understand that you create your own destiny. Life is deep but simple, we are all here to correct our own beliefs and to find our purpose, but we have lessons that need to be learnt. We all have made mistakes in our lifetimes, in fact a lot of us still do make mistakes, but we do not realise it. One particularly important lesson in life is undoing our mistakes. We do receive many times the same lesson to only teach us the way of life. If you would like to receive miracles in your life you need to be ready to forgive, not only yourself but also anyone in your life. Forgiveness is the only way to create inner peace within. And only when there is inner peace within, this is the only way you can heal yourself. Also, by letting your fear diminish for good, and to live your life with abundance of love this will create miracles for you. You need to also give out miracles to receive miracles and understand that we are all one consciousness, so we are here to treat everyone the same. As miracles only acknowledges the truth from us. Start to feel within to discover your miracles.

Much Love. xxx

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