Firstly it is very beneficial for oneself to stretch on a daily basis to help improve and increase your own flexibility because as we know it, we all age and if we don’t keep our bodies moving we will encounter with body aches and pains coming from muscles and joints, when we learn to stretch we can help to improve our own range of motion which will help with our everyday activities.

Stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles which will help to reduce muscle soreness, it can also help to improve your posture and by stretching out your muscles to its limits this can help with immediate muscle gains and strength, overall stretching is great to keep your physical body strong.

Being mindful when we stretch will bring you to stillness within oneself, this will help to calm your mind, this is also a great meditation practise where you can become aware of your own breathing to help quiet the mind and becoming connected with your own mind, body, and soul.

When we stretch we can use this time to give yourself that self-love that you deserve, use this time to reflect on all the good things you have done for yourself, this is time to cherish and appreciate your body and become reminded for what it does for you, when you give your body some time and love then this will reflect back and your body will take care of you.

So now understanding the power of mindfulness stretching, without pushing oneself to a high intensity activity we are still burning calories and feeling relaxed at the same time. As human doings we become distracted by our everyday activities and we become conditioned to focus on what’s going on in the outer world, but more importantly we need to focus on what’s going on in the inner part of oneself, we are most important more than anything else.

When we can reconnect with our own mind, body, and soul we will be able to recognise when things don’t feel 100 % within us and we will hear what our body is trying to tell us to provide it with the proper nutrients and physical conditioning it needs to be able to live a much more enjoyable and balanced life.

Mindfulness stretching will help you to discover your own consciousness- your own pure awareness to live your life as a human just being with what is instead of living a robotic life in a chaotic world.

Allow yourself to give you at least 10 minutes of the day to practise mindfulness stretching, your mind, body, and soul will well and truly thank you for it in the long run.

Much Love. xxx.

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