These words are coming from the great Deepak Chopra from his book Magical Mind Magical Body. Deeply grateful for your knowledge. Thank you.

You are more than just a body and a mind, as a wave is to the ocean, you are part of a larger whole. Once you truly realise this, you will be healed on every level. This transformation process begins when you seek to discover your real identity. Open your mind to a new reality, one that includes the perfect balance of the mind, body, and spirit, where you are joyful and free.

Think of the ocean, think of it having lots of waves, and think of someone photographing one wave and thinking that the photograph is the ocean. That is a frozen moment of attention, that is what the body is. All those waves that come onto the surface of the ocean up and down, that is what the mind is. But neither the waves up and down, changing all the time nor the photograph are the reality. Reality is the ocean. It is always there, and it creates this mind form and then expresses itself with its body.

The essential you, your real essence is a field of awareness that interacts with its own self and this becomes both mind and body. In other words, you are basically consciousness which then conceives, governs and actual becomes the mind and the body.


Much Love.xxx

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