What is metacognition? We have thousands and thousands of thoughts floating around in our heads all day long but when you become a master of thinking about your thoughts you are acknowledging everything you think, feel, see and do. You are then able to question yourself why, how, when, if ,maybe, yes and no. Basically we have a conversation to ourselves in our own head but even better when we say it out loud, we may seem a little nutty to the person next door but it’s actually good for you. Our conscious mind overlooks and analyzes the thoughts over thoughts then our subconscious mind records what was learnt from it. Metacognition helps us to be at our best of our abilities to grow towards life. We are in control of our own learning.

When we can Recognize what we are doing and thinking this can help us to get out of bad habits,

this can help us to become successful, to be grateful and to be able to make our own choices in life to be able to live the life you should filled with love, happiness and joy. Think about it.

Much Love. xxx

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