I sometimes come back into everybody's big world, I look to see what is happening around me and I see a lot of things, maybe a bit too much. In family life, the streets around us, life’s natural disasters, racism, different country politics, people’s personal problems, the list could keep going. If we could only just leave the universe alone and let it do what it is meant to. But unfortunately too many people have tried to control it to do other things and going against the current is always tough and doesn't usually get us anywhere , we all need to sit back and do nothing and just let it all flow. It is the way of life. I have made certain choices in my life to walk away from what is happening in the outer world, so I am able to focus on what is happening in my own world. I choose not to interact with many people as I feel drawn by certain people’s energies and how they tend to feel has many effects towards my energies and puts me out of alignment. I don’t enjoy being around negative, pessimistic people and even what’s happening today in the world I don’t feel like it has an effect on me what’s so ever as I look at things differently now and see the beauty in everything. I make my own choices , I don’t worry about what other people think, I do not watch T.V or listen to the news because it is always bad things, doing all this has changed my life for the best and I have never felt happier, at peace and feelings of calmness within myself. If everyone could just stop for one moment and breathe maybe the world would be at peace. May peace be with you.

Muck Love. xxx

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