I awake upon my own delusion,

Trying to make sense about suffering being all an illusion.

How is this the truth, it cannot be?

It comes from our own ego can’t you see!

I ask myself why is it that I need to suffer?

I feel the need to let go of fear, this shall be my buffer.

I no longer want to feel self-centred,

This is not what I ever intended!

I find the courage to investigate on myself,

Regain my knowledge from all the books of the shelf.

As I learn to sit in silence, I realise on my own, I am not my thoughts,

I have a deeper understanding that, I am the observer of my thoughts.

As I learn to sit in silence, I know I am not my feelings,

It all makes sense, I am that which is aware of my feelings.

Staying present and learning to accept all the many changes,

Because life without changes, simply does not exist!

So, I tell myself I no longer want to live with all that mess!

It is so simple; I am nothing else but loving pure awareness!

Much Love. xxx

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