We really should not take our precious lives too seriously. As we all know that living with fear causes stress and from them comes many diseases.

So, delete fear out from your life and instead learn to LOL (LAUGH OUT LOUD) everyday from today no matter how you are feeling a bit of daily laughter is the best medicine to your health.

Laughing makes you feel good and can bring your mind and body back into balance, it can help to de-elevate stress and can give your immune system a boost.

So when something seems to bother you instead just laugh about it, after all if things are not in your control it cant be changed so do something funny even if you are on your own laugh, try and sing a song and laugh or pull a funny face when you are driving, you will guarantee to laugh.

Play funny pranks on your kids or loved one, just be silly when you are doing things.

Bring that inner child out of you and do fun things. Do not ever say you are too old to do anything fun.

There is no such thing.

Much Love. xxx

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