Stop looking back at your life to feel sorry!

As this will only cause you to feel grief and to worry.

Instead reflect on all the good things,

Always be prepared to let go of the strings.

Be open to experience whatever you can,

But also adapt to learning how to detach, this is the plan.

As we are all here to discover the beauty of our own lives,

Pondering through life throwing out more high fives.

There is so much to see, to do and to appreciate,

You are free to do it all, no body can tell you anything and to dictate.

Stop waiting, take action, and stay present!

Look out for those signs that stand out in fluorescent.

Remembering you are here to living your best life,

Please just stop living under the knife.

Make the most of this life now, letting go of all fear and doubt,

“LIFE IS AMAZING,” this is what you need to scream and shout.

So, stop questioning and go on and figure it all out,

Make those small steps, without a doubt, you will know what your life is all about.

Much Love. xxx

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