How would it be if everything in our lives was so perfect. Imagine it for a moment, everyone having the most perfect body, having the perfect house, perfect car, perfect garden, perfect family, perfect diet. How boring is that. And could you imagine all the ego in the world. Living a life of imperfection is better that living the most perfect life. We are all different from one another which makes us so special and unique and every tree out in nature is different, it is amazing to think about and it makes the world so interesting and miraculous. We live in a house that is far from perfect and it is the most precious house to live. Some people feel the need to look perfect when truly keeping yourself natural with imperfections is beautiful. Perfection can only make you feel the desire to always want better and more and when you learn to live the simple and imperfection life you will be a happier person and you will be more grateful and appreciative for what you have in your life today.

Much Love. xxx

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