How many times have you looked back on your life and thought, “what happened where has all that time gone?” thinking back when your kids were younger and thinking, “wow how fast the kids grew up!” The reason why this happens a lot to many of us by the time we turn 50 or so and then wander where did all my time go; it is because we continue to live our lives on auto piolet, and everything happens in life basically with our eyes closed.

Many people are living from their own minds, the wandering mind takes control and most times it is either living in the memories from the past or living in the future made up events or situations, and if you think about it living in either one is not going to take you anywhere but trapped in tour own thought patterns.

Do not let your thoughts control your life, when you have an overthinking mind, it will not allow you to enjoy the life you are here to experience, the life of pure happiness, with peace, love and joy.

The overthinking mind that tries so hard to succeed in life in many ways gets in its own way for anyone to be able to achieve any desirable outcome at all.

So how do we live before we die? Its so simple, by practising mindfulness and befriending your own mind.

Mindfulness helps us to become aware and stay present to experience greater clarity for oneself, paying attention to what is happening in the now moment and watch moment by moment unfold one after another.

Become mindful to be in your own awareness without the act of judgmental behaviour, learning to silent the mind and discover the awareness of your breath and remember that for as long as you are breathing you have everything you need to have in your life, even if things go wrong, you have your breath so therefore no thing is wrong. By practising mindfulness it will make you feel and become whole again and to feel whole within yourself, this means to become healthy, to be healed and to become holy.

This is the key to live before you die!

Much Love. xxx

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