It is amazing through awareness of oneself how this can have a huge effect on your overall life. For most people they tend to live the life in a busy world and do not really take much notice of their own awareness.

When you become aware of what is and being in the present moment you start to hear more messages. Especially, your body talks to you when something may be wrong or if you are out of balance, give yourself sometime to be silent through meditation. You will sense a lot more things going on in and around your body and when something is not quite right you will feel off and when you are in touch with your own self you can be more cautious of your everyday events.

I believe that we all know our bodies more than anyone else does, and when something feels of balance or if something feels good for your body then go ahead with your own beliefs. Many times in my past health history I have seen doctors and received back information in which didn’t feel right and when I listened to my self together with the right mindset I honestly would heal myself without taking the prescribed medicines given to me. And the same goes with knowing what foods are good and bad. I really believe myself that eating a balanced meal plan is great for most of us, and if something that I am eating makes me feel great mentally and physically then I feel it is good for me. Everything in small amounts is OK. I go by how I feel, if I feel I am forcing something that I know is healthy for me, but I have no pleasure in eating it then I know it won’t do me any good. Your physiology part of yourself has a huge effect on your health and believe it or not so does your environment. So, when it comes to health and food learn to take on more great awareness within yourself.

Your inner self talks to you all the time all you need to do is LISTEN.

Much Love. xxx

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