If you stop and think about it we were in our mother's womb for 9 months and we did not even have a worry at all nor did we even care about what we looked liked. We were just in a fetal position and everything so magically happened the way they were meant to and wow, how things formed so perfectly inside the womb and if it didn't then that is just how things was meant to be. We come into this world and things change as we are taught by parents and family how we should do things and what we should eat, we experience things around us, most people follow what other people do. Some of us grow Egos the size of the universe and some of us just paddle along down the river doing their own thing, I myself have lived my life through the eyes of others and was always worried what others thought and I was afraid to do anything or speak as a child, being so shy and afraid of darkness. I have experienced and learnt many things in my 47 years being here and one thing that I learnt just recently is that I came into this earth with nothing and when its my time to leave I want to leave with nothing. I have my beautiful fiancee and my 3 amazing kids, and seeing all of them just living their lives doing their own thing, learning and doing things for themselves whether it be right or wrong, it is their life and I did not bring them into this universe to control them. It is truly a magical universe, everything always turns out how it is meant to and I believe we are all born to be geniuses. we need to learn to give and not take but this is where life lessons take place and fortunately some of us grow to become wiser or unfortunately some of us grow and keep doing things over and over. Life is simple, people make it hard and create their own problems. If we all just stopped trying so much life would unfold before our eyes. Life is a blessing expect nothing and you will receive everything.

Much Love. xxx

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