We all should feel privileged to be experiencing our life in this spectacular universe, we should feel on top of this world every moment! Life is a miracle; life does not suck!

With many people believing they are facing many problems in their lives they always feel the need to blame somebody, so they say lets just blame life, but need me to say its not life’s fault, its simply your own.

We all face situations in life but remember no matter what we are faced with along our pathway its how we deal with it. It is so simple; people make things so complicated and then try to make themselves feel better by blaming life!

Life is simple, of course things happen, natural disasters, pandemics, illnesses, accidents, but just remember with each person, things happen for reasons, and we simply need to just learn to accept things for what they are.

Ask yourself the question, “do I want to go through the rest of my time here on earth feeling depressed? Do I want to go through the rest of my life not having any fun? Do I want to go through the rest of my life worrying about silly stuff like housework or bills? Well, I know what my answer is and that is hell no!!!

We will all face good news and bad news, pain and suffering, good times, and bad times, we simply just need to except things for how they are and move on forward. If you want to make the choice to be angry all the time, or to feel shameful about your past or be a judgemental judge for the rest of your life then do not complain about your life sucking because you are making it suck!

Life is f#### amazing and if you cannot see this all you need to do is take a step outside and look above at the sky, look around you. Look at nature and be grateful for the simple things because I can assure you that when you feel happy from the inside your life will be fulfilled and you will grow to experience self-realisation to understand what is important and what is not.

Open your heart to experience your time here to appreciate and feel grateful for everything, look at things in a different point of view to be able enjoy your precious life, wake up in the morning feeling excited about you waking up and looking forward for what you will bring to your day by enjoying

each moment for how it is.

Wake up in the mornings and yell out Life does not suck! Life is amazing!

Much Love. xxx

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