"LET IT BE" poem from Priscilla.

Why oh why can this be,

As feeling this way is not usually me.

My mind seems to be feeling very blank,

The very same way the titanic just sank.

How can this be?

Do not worry dear while I am here,

I want you to sit back and have no fear,

As you transcend, it may feel like first gear.

Just relax, breathe, and let go,

The same way the river will flow.

There is something magical coming your way,

You will be surprised and will not know what to say.

As you asked me that question how I may serve,

You will certainly get what you deserve.

For as long you are grateful, loving and giving,

This is the magical source of living.

All I need you to do for me is just “LET IT BE.”

Much Love. xxx

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