Do you have a certain person or people in your life whom you feel like you hold some sort of resentment towards, it maybe that you are still angry with someone you love or loved, someone you had an argument with whether it be big or small, it doesn’t matter. Some people even dislike certain people for no reason at all and even if they found a reason you may still show hatred towards people.Why live your life holding onto grudges.We are all going to die one day whether we want to or not so why live the life you have with pain within yourself because when holding grudges towards anyone you are only effecting your own life and you don’t want to leave this earth holding onto regrets.

Let go of ego and be the better person and give that person a call or send them a message, tell them how grateful you feel to have had them been part of your life, as every little event in your life has made you become who you are today and that you are letting things go behind you. It doesn’t matter what their reaction is but you did what you needed to do that’s all that matters.

You will love and live your life to your fullest when you can let go of past grudges. And teach yourself to stop hating on people because hate only comes back to bite you on the bum. Hate is such an ugly thing and it will only bring to you bad energies and cause internal stress and stress causes bad health .Cleanse your heart, mind, body and soul and learn to forgive for yourself and learn to love everyone.

Much love. xxx

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