KNOW WHO YOU ARE. ( my poem)

We were all born here in this world of magnificence to create,

We watch the magic unfold right in front of our own eyes, this is something to appreciate.

It’s okay we all go throughout our journeys experiencing the good and the bad,

We are only human and sometimes we feel sad.

There is so much for us to remember being here on this precious earth,

This is why we are here from the day of our birth.

Learning to accept the bad events in our lives to see the good from this,

Can allow us to become and stay in a state of bliss.

The most important thing in the course of our lives is to know who you are,

Don’t let your ego take it so far.

We may live our life of joy and pure love there is no need for you to sin,

Enjoy each and every moment and keep walking with that big grin.

Much Love. xxx

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