K = Know that you create your own Karma. Karma is a reflection from our own action in which we put out into this world towards ourselves, towards other people around us and towards the planet we live in.

A = Activating the third law of motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. “The person who intends certain things towards others will always receive back for themselves, this is a golden rule from the universe to all of us, what you give out will always come back, no matter what!

R = Responding to someone or a situation in a negative way will not make the situation any better, do not allow other people’s behaviours to guide you to become on the same level as them, always send love or send a silent blessing no matter what the situation is or if you cannot do that than simply walk away.

M = Master your own behavioural patterns by becoming more aware of your own thoughts and actions. Notice certain things you say and do and notice how people talk to you or act around you, you will become more aware that what you put out always comes back. Get yourself into the habit of this, it may seem a bit hard at first, but it will get easier and you will pick up on your own behaviours and if you need to change, then do so, you will then notice changes from other people towards you.

A = Attentive behaviour towards other people should become a priority, we should not need to judge anything or anyone because when we judge we will create negative karma, Allow yourself to create more compassion towards others because the way to your soul is through your heart, your soul is pure, non-judgmental justice should flow naturally, remember karma is a natural aspect in our lives, you will always be engaged with karma, whether it be good or bad is entirely up to you!

Much Love. xxx

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