JUST STOP! (my poem)

Stop, take a moment to appreciate you woke up this morning,

Stop, listen to the birds rising early and singing.

Stop, and hear yourself telling your partner, I love you,

Stop, appreciate and be grateful for everything that you do.

Stop, and enjoy your morning coffee,

Stop, while sipping on your favourite tea.

Stop, to feel the splash of water on your face,

Stop, take your time for yourself as this is no race.

Stop, while enjoying and eating your breakfast,

Stop, as you hear the sounds of the raging tempest.

Stop. enjoy your morning drive to work,

Stop, when you are stuck in traffic with a great big smirk.

Stop, accept your day for what it is,

Stop, even while taking that quiz.

Stop, be aware of all your actions,

Stop, even noticing all the distractions.

Stop, laugh, act silly, and be joyful,

Stop, even by accepting the times that are awful.

Stop, and enjoy each moment that you are in,

Stop, while you are still breathing, keep on embracing.

Stop, recognize all your emotions,

Stop, appreciate your love and devotions.

Stop, enjoy riding the waves along your own journey,

Stop, stay present, be mindful and make your life worthy.

Much Love, xxx.

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