As we come into this world, no matter what we look like or who we are with, everything seems so perfect,

But as we grow and discover the ego, we all seem to disconnect.

We allow things to disrupt our minds by making things more difficult than what they really are,

The fearful thoughts and greediness can get way beyond far.

Life was never meant to be perfect, only we believe it should be,

We become brainwashed to think everything must be good, can’t you see?

The truth is what we create for ourselves we must learn to accept things no matter what happens to us!

Becoming more aware and acknowledging that life is meant to be with pain and suffering, there is no need to fuss.

Its ok to experience all the emotions and notice for how we feel,

Most importantly knowing to deal with all life situations, understanding that this is real!

As there will always be many changes throughout,

We will always get through this, there is no reason to doubt!

For as long as we can stay in the present moment and learn to let go,

You will be joyful, and freedom will arise within you, just go with the flow!

Much Love. xxx

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