Behind the scenes throughout the world there is so much going on, but for some they are not even aware off. There is always a larger event that is happening that everyone seems to focus on. And when that event is over then there will always be the next. This is what media is all about, spreading the biggest and better news doesn't matter how disruptive it can be towards our universe. The Corona virus pandemic being a huge catastrophe to the whole nation, but really it is not just about this.

Look around to discover that there are thousands and thousands of starving children in many countries, there are countries that don’t even have the luxuries that most of us have. The many toxins that are polluting the environment and the many drugs and violence, even in games that our children are growing up with. If we all could just stop and notice about what is going on around them and, “JUST DO ONE THING” to help, only one good deed from everyone in this whole entire universe could definitely help towards everything, it doesn’t matter what you do, even one dollar from everyone around the world can help towards donating to the starving children, you have an abundance of love and compassion, give what you can, words cost nothing, anything to make the circle of joy.

Do something today, we can all help to make the world be a beautiful place and help to feed every mouth on this universe. This is why we are here,” JUST DO ONE THING” today.

Much Love, xxx

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