JUST BE YOU! my poem

As you go through your own life’s journey,

There will be choices you need to make for yourself.

No matter what choice you do make,

They are neither right nor wrong.

For as long as it feels right for you,

Without you feeling victimized by your own decisions.

You need to remind yourself to just be you!

You know that you are worthy no matter what.

You know that you are one with the universe,

You know that you are divine love.

Understand for as long as you hold onto faith,

And you have a knowing from deep within you.

You can trust that it will all work out for you,

So, do not give up and continue to just be you!

With all the choices you make for yourself,

You will remember what you should be doing.

Amongst all the mistakes you make along the way,

But if you follow the way, you will figure it out.

Dont you ever forget, you have a very important role to play,

Continue to shout out love and joy and just be you!

Much Love. xxx

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