LIFE! What can I say, it definitely is not an easy one, but you know something else it isn’t meant to be easy because if it was easy, we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t learn anything, or we simply would not remember who we truly are and lets just throw in we would never know the true reason for our existence on this amazing planet?

So, with all the many obstacles that come along our way I would like to discuss 3 topics, I would say they are 3 important actions to help guide you through your own journey.


One thing in life you need to understand that to master anything in your life you need to have consistency. No matter what choices you make for yourself, being consistent will allow you to your road to success with anything. Sure, we are only spiritual beings in a human body so yes, we will never be 100 % consistent with everything, things happen in life along the way that can have an effect with our missions but hey, don’t ever forget that the power of being consistent will get you back in the game. We also need to imprint on our foreheads that all great things take time so therefore being consistent with anything your heart desires to have or do have patience! As they say, “Rome was not built in a day!”


This is one thing you need to learn to appreciate and respect, that is your precious time. People love saying those famous words, “but I don’t have any time to do that!” Seriously there is so much time in the day and don’t waste it away to nothing, believe it or not it’s the busiest people who have so much time to do things! Learn to manage your time, give yourself some time of the day to write your daily schedule.

Get yourself a pen and paper and write down your weekly planner, wake up before the sun comes up, you will be amazed with how many things you can do for yourself so early in the morning. Always allow time for yourself, at least 1 hour of the day to learn, this could be reading, listening to audio books or podcasts, the more we read the more our spiritual growth expands. Allow time with family members, exercise, meditate, or spending time to reflect. Always make time for your priorities and learn to maintain a balanced day.

Just remember on your last day on this earth you would never wish for spending more time at work!


What do I mean by this! well always know that you are worthy no matter what occupation or business you choose for yourself and you know what else, you are an important part of this universe! This does not mean that you need to become very egoistic towards others, this does not mean that you need to become ignorant, this simply means that no matter who you are or what you do always run that extra mile with everything, when you give out that extra mile towards your employees or co workers or family members or friends it will always come back to you. You will always be known as that very much needed person because you give more than what you expect.

By becoming indispensable people around you will enjoy and appreciate having you around, in fact this can lead you to the great road of success!

Hope you enjoyed reading my 3 actions to help you get through your maze of life, just a little heads up by using only these 3 actions will help to veer you into your great choices in your life, life is fun and games, enjoy it!

Much Love. xxx

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