We all want to end up finding that perfect partner to fall deeply in love with and to live happily ever after, but in all honesty, there are a numerous number of couples who end up going through divorce or who continue to stay together but do not have that connection they had the day they first laid eyes on one another.

The truth is when it comes to any relationship, no matter what the problem may seem to be its all up to you! Your very own beliefs and attitudes determine where your choices will take you. You need to be willing to take all the responsibility. Your will is your power and if you take a closer look at the life you are living, look at your own environment, it is simply a reflection of your own inner state of life!

Being in a relationship should be fulfilling and joyful but there are many that go through pain and suffering. Relationships fail simply because we do not know how to make it work. One needs to understand that you need to treat yourself like treasure before you look out for others. This is the key to making your relationship work.

We all have our own will and power before coming into a relationship so when we start to become comfortable with one another we tend to follow one another’s traits, and we could say we lose ourselves, we lose our own power. We are all our own unique personalities, and the truth has it that you should feel in love with your self to help find that one person to fall in love with you.

It does not matter how your partners behaviour may become, because end of the day you are not in control of them you are only in control of your own behaviour. The trick is you must look at yourself, become aware of your own thoughts and actions. Because we are in control of our own lives, we then can do something about our own relationships. Whenever there is any kind of suffering in any one relationship it is simply your own problem to solve, do not ever expect for others around you to change because you will be waiting forever, its all up to you to make the changes.

When you start to look at yourself and start giving yourself that self-love in which you deserve, become your own person again by doing the things you love doing, regain your own will and power, treat your partner with the love that you expect for yourself no matter what they do, or if it is very bad behaviour you can walk away from all of it to regain your inner self power. Whatever your behaviour will be towards your loved ones there will become a reflection of yourself which will rebound from them back to yourself.

Practise this in front of a mirror, by imagining your mirror is your partner, watch the mirror as you smile and you will notice the reflection smile back at you, then try sticking your tongue out or make an angry face, what is the mirror doing? Ok, I am sure you get it, so just remember in your relationship, it’s all up to you!

Much Love. xxx

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