We all experience life by being conditioned to do or feel, even believe things or situations in many ways, but sometimes when we travel along our own roads, we tend to forget who we truly are, and we also forget to appreciate the people and environment around us!

Why not check in with yourself from time to time, introduce yourself to yourself and just ask yourself that question,” hey how are you doing in there! is everything ok?”

Become aware of your own true identity, make this habitual so you can reconnect with your own self. Its not that hard to get lost in our own minds with our own thoughts let alone take on the worry from other people around us.

We need to remember that we are important and if we forget who we are as an individual we are going to lose ourselves in that great big world of obstacles.

Step out into nature, this will help you to become mindful of yourself, feel that fresh air and just breathe! Find that silence in between your thoughts and become aware of your own mind, body, and soul.

Give yourself that time of day where you can drop everything and yes even your cell phone to introduce yourself to yourself, self-love is what you need! Only you can do that!

You are here to discover your own purpose in life, so being lost in your own mind and becoming conditioned to be influenced from people around us is not going to lead you to your own destination.

This is not selfish behaviour because after when you do reconnect with your self you will discover that you are here to help serve others and will become mindful with everything you see and do along your journey and becoming grateful and feeling appreciative for everything. This will also help your kindness and compassion to grow towards yourself and others.

Take a moment today and just put your overthinking mind on pause, close your eyes and breathe, after a few moments introduce yourself to yourself and become silent. Just remember how important you are, listen to the silence, pay attention to yourself and smile.

Much Love. xxx

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