The power of our imagination can be a magical thing. We all do it, but how do you do it because if you use your imagination in an imaginative way miracles can happen. When we imagine what we want for ourselves or things we want to do, we need to imagine from within ourselves. There was once this girl who always imagined living in her little cottage home together with someone who loved and adored her and she imagined decorating it how she wanted to, she could see herself in the garden planting plants and enjoying being around a lot of trees. Well that girl was me and what l imagined for myself came for real and when l think about what l do want for myself it always comes. The secret is you cannot only imagine it, you need to feel being in that situation, you need to touch and feel things, and smell the scents of what you want. Be in your imagination like your telling yourself a story and you can see people’s emotions, seeing all the activity around. Use all your 5 senses to make it feel real. Before you sleep use your imagination to help to create your journey in which lies ahead of you. Do this over and over and eventually without you thinking about it through your everyday lifestyle watch how everything will unfold before your precious eyes.

Much Love. xxx

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