Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If only we could all get together to use the power of our imagination to clear this pandemic away,

If only we could all be on the same level so the ego would have no say.

If only we all had the same thoughts to make the world a better place,

If only we could all just slow right down as the way of life is no race.

If only there was more grace than greed,

If only everyone could grow a seed.

If only there was no such thing as hate,

If only we all could think that it is never too late.

If only people could show more love and support while we are still here,

If only we did not need to die before we got a few cheers.

If only we could all be more giving and loving,

If only there was no pushing and shoving.

If only everyone could stop thinking that things are impossible,

If only everyone could see that word as I'M POSSIBLE!

Together we can make this possible,

Lets all imagine this pandemic to become reversible and the world will be incredible.

Much Love. xxx

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