I really enjoy those moments when I may look like I’m dazing in the air, when I suddenly have a deep realization about an idea, I imagine how I start to create my idea and I see all the little steps that I need to take along the way, to see the end result. Then I snap out of it to realize that I just had an epiphany. I find myself having many epiphanies, I know that when we sit in silence or we become still, this is the time we let go of our personalities and we become in touch with our inner self, our true source, we can receive many epiphanies in this time. We are all creators, so within your true self you can find the genius within you. You will be excited when you start receiving your epiphanies and the energy that you create will be so powerful from your thought forces to the universe to bring your manifestation into your life. Bring the genius out of yourself, and have yourself an epiphany today.

Much Love. xxx

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