No matter who you are or what you do in your journey of life, to be able to live through your life with absolute humility is the way of living. To live a humble life is to live a joyous life. To walk through our paths with humility is to always put the needs of others first, the act of diminishing one’s pride and understanding that there is no need for shaming or blaming other people for your own actions.

Humility is one of the highest attributes to veer yourself towards spiritual growth. Living the humblest life is to live a peaceful life, allowing things in your life as it is and following the way. Whenever you act out humility upon others you are acting out upon yourself, because what you put out in life always comes back to you, even if you send someone a blessing, you are also blessing yourself.

When you allow the importance of others before yourself this does not mean that you don’t care about yourself this proves that in fact you are very confident within yourself. By walking through your life with truth and faith you walk with humility.

You can practise in many ways acts of humility. A simple example is when standing in a que and there is an elderly person at the end of the que, you allow them to be in front of you. Another is if you and your partner are having an argument, learn to swallow your own ego and listen, understand and sometimes if you need to say nothing at all.

By trying to prove yourself right all the time is going against humility. As much as you feel the need to disagree, stop and feel from within the humble being that you are and let it go. To live your life with humility is to live a fearless and free life.

Much Love. xxx

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