Many people feel very eerie when this topic comes up, “Death,” but let us be honest we are all born into this magnificent life and basically, we will all die someday, the thing is we need to accept this for ourselves to have a deeper understanding about our lives.

If you think about your life in a way that you are going to live forever, you will take your life for granted and will never appreciate the smallest and simplest things around you. You most likely wouldn’t see friends and family so much, you wouldn’t get to do all the things that you desire to do and so on, you would always be complaining about most things, never happy with how you look, always seem to be in hurry, becoming impatient, making judgmental thoughts and comments to everyone and all this will go on for the reason being, knowing that you will continue to live in this life and you have all the time in the world to do it all.

The fact is we are all going to leave this physical world one day and for some of us it happens so spontaneously and some of us are given a time frame due to illnesses. Now my title, “How to See Death as Being Precious” may seem a little over the top but what I mean by this is if it were not for death, we would not see our lives so precious.

We have heard that saying, “life is too short”, well guess what life is too short so why be here today arguing with anyone, complaining about everything, and holding onto resentments, grudges, learn to accept everything for what it is, just be happy and feel free to do what it is that you desire.

Live to enjoy each moment of your life, see every moment as a precious moment and stop to see what is right In front of your eyes, become awakened before your own death, just learn to enjoy your life for how it is no matter what it is you are dealing with, life is always going to have many events, but it is our choice if we want to live through our life feeling happy or not.

Most people do not allow themselves to live the life that they should because they have a fear of dying, but when we can allow to accept this for ourselves your heart will allow for openness to live your life as a free spirit.

When you are having a bad day and you are feeling down, just think about how you would feel if you knew you only had 1 more week on this earth, how would you spend your last days, would you want to feel depressed or happy? It is your choice!

Much Love. xxx

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