Its Monday morning, how did you feel when you got yourself out of bed this morning?

Did you wake up feeling grateful that you were up, and you could hear yourself breathing then springing out of bed feeling great or did you wake up saying to yourself oh great its Monday, and all the negative thoughts kick in while dragging yourself out of bed? Stop, just stop and look at yourself! How do you look at yourself every day? Instead about thinking the 60,000 thoughts running through our minds repetitively daily, take a moment to look at yourself. Give yourself some now moments and look and listen to yourself, how does your body feel? Do you ever think about this.? Well you should because if it wasn’t for your physical body today, here right now, you would only be here in energy form. Wouldn't you rather be here for as long as you can in physical form to appreciate the beautiful nature we have on this amazing universe? So do yourself a favour, that’s right it all up to you, no one else can do it for you, start to give your precious body more time and be aware of what you are putting inside yourself, why would you want to abuse your body with all types of poisons. Just try this! When you put poisons into your body, start to become more aware of what it's actually doing to your internal organs. Think about how we were born miraculously with all these perfect organs to help us to live our magical lives, so why would you want to ruin and abuse this? Learn to appreciate what you have; your body is your sacred temple. Learn to treat it with love and respect and it will give you back in return the same emotional loving feelings, learn to love yourself to live a happier and healthier life.

Much Love. xxx

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