We can all have those dark experiences in life, whatever situation it may be, we need to keep holding onto faith. The more faith you can have for all your life situations the more we can eliminate fear. To seek the faith within us, we need to look deeper than within our minds, because where we hold faith, we hold the powers to all things. To have faith in anything it is much more powerful than believing, with faith you have infinite trust towards the universe that everything will work out the way it is meant to.

You have the ability to condition your mind to live your life with faith and to let go of fear, as it is the fear in peoples lives in which it wants to take control, and of course with fear this creates negative emotions and creates illnesses. No matter how difficult your event maybe, keep strong and connect with faith, even having the slight amount of faith will give you the powers to change things or create things for yourself. The more you learn to have faith in anything you will be amazed with what you are able to manifest through the powers of the universe.

Much Love. xxx

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