The truth is do we really need a special day of the year to let a loved one know that you love them or whether you are attracted to someone why does valentines need to be that day for sending a message or flowers. The real meaning of “VALENTINES” means strong coming from the Latin origin and it also comes from the English and French origin with its meaning being healthy and strong, this leaves us to wander how romantic love is the celebration of Valentine’s day.

Well back in the middle ages it was said to believe that in France and England that February 14 th was the beginning of the birds mating season which is what made this day become a day of romance. It only makes sense that this date is valentines’ day for the birds but for us humans it must mean that it should be “VALENTINES DAY “every day, true!

For what is happening in the world around us it would be relevant to celebrate this Valentine Day for the true meaning of being healthy and being strong because this is what the world really needs to focus upon when we have suffering from illnesses and disasters like pandemics. Love should be shared every day of the year.

Sending out a message to all of you to keep healthy and stay strong and sending so much love through times like this. “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY”.

Much Love. xxx

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