We came into this precious world with not one thing, when it is our time to leave, we also leave with not one thing. But while being here we are taught to believe that we should need and want things to create happiness, but all this does is create greed and when we cant get what we want greed then turns into anger. We were all born creators and to become geniuses with what our passion and purpose is towards life itself. We are all connected and we are all here for the same reason. We were also born to give to receive abundance of everything we need to get by in our lives to live a happy and successful life.

The universe will not let us down as everything always work out how it is meant to.

Today, just try giving away something or buy someone something, stand outside yourself to observe how this makes you makes you feel, the more you do this in life the more comes back to you in abundance in many different forms. This is the true meaning of your life; this is the true meaning to your happiness. Much Love. xxx

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