Are you too busy living a hectic life, running around at home doing chores, or driving around in a hurry to get to places, even worrying about things like paying bills and going places or stressing out and worrying about everything! Wait a second just STOP for one moment and BREATHE! Ahhhhh that is better. Yet most people all around the world seem to be very impatient and always worrying about pointless things and there is one thing we need to remember and that is taking moments to getting to know yourself!

Try slowing down in life, there is no hurry to get anywhere, there is no need to worry about things that most people worry about and of course the bills! Well guess what? We all pay them, just become smart about it and instead of getting annoyed that you have a bill learn to appreciate the reason why you are paying them because without their services you would not have the same luxuries you have today.

Once you learn to regain control of your everyday events you will then start to notice more things about yourself. By focusing only on what is happening in the now moment and becoming aware of your breathing you will become a little startled that YOU ARE BREATHING! And guess what? You may even start to appreciate this and then you will realise that all things and events around you do not matter so much.

By learning to pay more attention to yourself you will start to recognize your own feelings and thoughts and will be able to make the smallest changes for yourself. You will learn to appreciate yourself so much more and you will realize that all the craziness that can go on around your life is not necessary, meaning for example if you are driving around in a traffic jam, just enjoy this moment and appreciate the life around you rather than getting impatient and angry. Staying present and breathe, by being aware of this only, it will teach you to become still and calm, realizing for yourself there is no hurry to get through life! instead get yourself into a habit and accept things for how they are and tell yourself. So, it is!

By getting to know yourself more and more you will start to give yourself the self-love that you deserve and everything in your life will just fall into place. You will remember the reasons why you are here on earth and you will reconnect with all things that you desire and are passionate about. You will lead your own way to your journey of life! Allow to give yourself that time of the day to get in touch with your own inner self, understand that you are the centre of your universe, so by keeping yourself in balance and in alignment with everything, things will always work out. Have trust in the universe, it will always have your back.

Much Love. xxx

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